Hancock High School Purpose

Hancock High School celebrates 52 years as an educational institution for the students living in Hancock County. With the changing global society and the diversified needs of our students, Hancock High School has expanded and enlarged programs and offerings to ensure that our students are “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.” Through a commitment to excellence by students, staff, parents, and conscientious community members such as you, Hancock High continues to rise to the challenge of “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.’ Our goal is to celebrate every student’s achievement and to build a bridge that will embrace our past and build our future through the Renaissance movement.

History of Hancock High

Hancock High began on Tuesday December 13, 1955 with the creation of the Hancock County School District and the consolidation of the following community school districts : Sellers, Dedeaux, Kiln, Leetown, Caesar, Catahoula, Flat Top, Aaron Academy, Gainesville, Logtown, Gulfview, and Clermont Harbor. Next, on Friday March 7, 1958, the Hancock Board of Education approved the bids for the construction of what would become Hancock North Central for a total of $375,953.84 to be completed for the 1958-1959 school year. Construction began and was completed at the end of the 1959 school year. As a symbolic gesture of the newly created school district, one district graduation was held on the Hancock North Central campus with 34 students present; it was the beginning of our long and historic journey. Classes began on August 28, 1959, marking the opening of the new 1st-12th grade state of the art campus. A rich tradition of excellence and pride grew as Hancock County and Hancock North Central continued to grow. In 1987, the Hancock County Board of Education had a vision of creating a more modern facility that would be more centrally located and that could meet the needs of the quickly growing county. Hancock High was born. Our current facility on Stennis Airport Drive was constructed and completed for the 1990-1991 school year at a cost of $9.2 million. Classes that August with an enrollment of 1000 students in grades 7th-12th being served and the first graduation was held in May of 1991 with 117 graduates participating. Hancock High has a continued to grow in prestige and population, becoming one of the top high schools in the state of Mississippi. Today, Hancock High has a student population of almost 1300 students in grades 9 through 12 and is the 14th largest high school in the state of Mississippi.

What is a Hawk?

A hawk is a strong, majestic, beautiful bird of prey that soars gracefully above the rest. A Hancock Hawk is no different. As the eighth high school in the state, Hancock has a reputation of excellence. With amazing teachers and other faculty pushing us to do our best, Hawks have no other choice than to excel in all we do. Being a Hawk means having P>R>I>D>E> It means displaying Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence. It means striving for the best in academics and pushing ourselves by participating in numerous extracurricular activities. Being a Hawk means being a part of something greater than ourselves and being a member of a huge family of dedicated individuals. It means being willing to learn and accept new ideas. Being a Hawk means showing good sportsmanship and leaving everything on the field. It means never giving up and always chasing our dreams. Being a Hawk also means that we can actually look forward to coming to school every single day. With a club or sport for every interest, there is a unique spot at Hancock for each of us. It is a place of true belonging and acceptance that keeps everyone in its halls motivated and ready to take on any challenge. But as our future grows closer with each new day, being a Hawk most importantly means that we are fully prepared to spread our wings and soar to new heights.

Hancock High Achievements

  • Ranked #8 out of 249 high schools in the state of Mississippi according to SATP
  • Recognized by ACT national corporation as a high performing school
  • Top performing Beta Club in state of Mississippi
  • 15 students scored 30 or higher on the ACT
  • Increased the number of Mississippi Scholar students by 40% in the past four years
  • Listed as a top performing high schools in the nation by S. News and World Report for three consecutive years
  • 6 National Merit Finalists over the past four years
  • Class of 2012 received $6 million in scholarship offers and HHS students have received over $26 million in scholarship offers over the past four years
  • Mississippi High School Activities Association recognized every athletic team as Scholar Athletes (Teams had a 3.0 QPA or higher average)
  • Increased the number of highest honor and honor students by 20% over the past four years

*Mississippi Scholars represents students who have taken a more challenging college curriculum with advanced foreign languages, sciences, and math, 20 community service hours, no discipline, and an attendance rate of 96%.

*National Merit Finalist represents students scoring in the top 1% of students in the entire United States on the national PSAT test.

*Highest honor students wear the double gold honor chords. They receive these chords for taking 32 credits and maintaining a 4.0 QPA average or higher during their four years of high school.

*Honor students wear the single gold honor chord. They receive these chords for taking 30 credits and maintaining a 3.5 QPA average or higher during their four years of high school.

*Star Student represents the student with the highest ACT score at Hancock High School

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